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October 8, 2013  |  
Anwarul Islam

Anwarul Islam

Anwarul Islam, associate professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering, presented and published “Service Life Assessment of a Bridge from Dynamic Response Collected using Wireless Sensors” and “Reducing Bumps at Pavement-Bridge Interface” at the Seventh International Structural Engineering & Construction conference in Honolulu. The articles were written out of two graduate theses completed under his supervision. The research for the first article was supported by a URC grant, while research for the second article was funded by the YSU Center for Transportation and Materials Engineering.  Islam was also awarded the prestigious NASA Glenn Faculty Fellowship 2013 by the NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland. He performed research on health monitoring of military aircrafts. From his research at NASA, Islam wrote “Characterization and Comparison of Vibration Transfer Paths in a Helicopter Gearbox and a Fixture Mounted Gearbox,” which has been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication as a NASA Technical Memorandum. In addition, Islam presented “Vibration Transfer Paths of Nose Gear Box in Apache and Test Stand” in the NASA Poster Day. Islam also recently secured a two-year $188,000 research grant entitled “Bridge Condition Assessment and Load Rating using Dynamic Response” from the Ohio Department of Transportation, YSU’s first-ever ODOT research grant.

Bradley Shellito, associate professor, Geography, presented research entitled “Life on the Geospatial Cloud” at the Ohio GIS Conference in September. The annual statewide conference was in Dublin, Ohio.

Cameron Hughes, programmer/analyst, Computer Services, Stephen Rhoden, research fellow, Chemistry, and Tracey Hughes, Computer Science alumna, had their paper, “Using Coherence Inspectors to Determine the Reliability of Debriefed Epistemic Agents from Unmonitored autonomous Team Missions,” accepted, published and presented at the 17th World Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybertics and Informatics in Orlando, Fla.

Azadeh Block

Azadeh Block

Azadeh Masalehdan Block, assistant professor, Social Work, published the article “Adolescent Perspectives of Outpatient Mental Health Treatment” in the journal Best Practices in Mental Health.

Randy Hoover, professor emeritus, Curriculum Education, wrote a chapter in “Educating for Democratic Consciousness: Counter-Hegemonic Possibilities” that came out last year. The book has been awarded a Critic’s Choice Award for 2013 by the American Educational Studies Association. He also finished a chapter for another book, “Social Context Reform: Equity and Opportunity—Not Accountability—in Education Reform,” and has been asked to write another chapter on President Obama and neoliberal school reform.

Michael T. Butcher, assistant professor, Biological Sciences, published the article “Correlation of muscle function and bone strain in the hindlimb of the river cooter turtle (Pseudemys concinna)” in the September issue of the Journal of Morphology. The work was the graduate thesis of his student Brett R. Aiello. He also published the article “Forelimb muscle architecture and force production potential in the eastern mole (Scalopus aquaticus).” The primary author of the paper is Butcher’s graduate student, Jacob Rose, who helped complete the study as an undergraduate at YSU. This article will be published in the November issue of the Journal of Morphology.

Amanda Roby, assistant professor, Allied Health, Sal Sanders, associate dean of the School of Graduate Studies and Research, John Hazy, associate professor of Criminal Justice, and Teresa Volsko, director of Respiratory Care and Transport at Akron Children’s Hospital, published “Disruptive Behavior in the Respiratory Care Workplace” in the fall 2013 edition of Respiratory Care Education Annual from the American Association for Respiratory Care.


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